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Saturday, 30th September 2023


HomeAdapt Access Consultants are an independent consultancy who specialise in advising on all aspects of home adaption for people with disabilities. Professionals, individuals and their families and/or carers can all benefit from our expertise in providing a bespoke package related to identified needs for now and the future.

Our Mission

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Adapted Bathroom
Making living spaces accessible centered around your needs...
We understand that adapting a home is an individual, unique situation that will vary considerably from one case to another and that no one client is alike. Trust in our experience in co-ordinating the entire process with an emphasis on cost effective yet up-to-date technological solutions.

Home Adaptations

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Nigel Haigh
"We understand the emotional highs, lows and unforseen stresses associated with adapting your home."
Nigel Haigh, Director

Key Areas

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  • Understanding
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    Personal experience ensures we have a complete understanding and awareness of the processes required.
  • Consulting
    Document being examined
    Your consultation and planning meeting is designed to identify your true needs and set goals.
  • Delivering
    You receive a co-ordinated, smooth service every step of the way - based on your agreed bespoke needs!